Sunday, September 8, 2019

WHOLE Recovery Groups

WHOLE Recovery Groups starting up this fall!

WHOLE is a Holistic Recovery Approach encompassing the Entire Person: Spirit, Soul, and Body

Purpose Statement: To guide, foster, and participate in the spiritual and emotional development of community group members to the united goal of individual holistic mental health.

Recovery from: Depression, Anxiety, Life Dominating Fears, Emotional Bondage, Health Impacting Stress, Guilt, Shame, Unhealthy Relationships, Pain of Loss, Pain of Abuse, Addictions, Emotional Self Isolation, Social Identity Dependence, Spiritual Isolation, Etc.


1 Spirit: Development

- Source: All group members acknowledge reliance upon the Spiritual Power and Healing obtained in communion with YHWH Jesus.

- Scripture: Devotional meetings centre on group sharing and discussion of personal enlightenment and spiritual development through regular readings, meditation, and relevant application of Holy Scriptures.

2 Soul/Mind: Education

-Scripture Exposition meetings centre on spiritual instruction in topics applicable to group members and include Q&A opportunities for specific issues to be addressed.

3 Body: Human Connection

- Contact: In person meetings are an essential component of the necessary relational transparency and deep interpersonal connection required to maintain the community accountability that is foundational to the continued growth and holistic health of the group members.

- Accountability: Members and Leader of the group all participate in each other’s lives: sharing personal success stories, discoveries, and encouragements as well as listening, asking reflective questions, and offering prayer, solidarity, and practical assistance to other group members when needed.

For more information on how to join a WHOLE Recovery Group please contact Heather at:

A ministry of Mosaic Church


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